For more than 30 years Nacha Mendez has been a Santa Fe legend, performing her unique brand of Latin World original music at local concerts, hotels, and events, such as Hispanic Market and the Plaza Bandstand series. Now she needs our help.
In late September, 2016, Nacha was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain.

She was kept in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks and treated with surgery and very strong antibiotics. She is still weak after her release and isn't able to keep up with her performing schedule.

Any financial help you could afford will help Nacha to pay exorbitant medical bills. Currently her medical insurance is refusing to pay her treatments and hospital stay.  Only a small portion will be covered. This presents a huge financial burden. Your support is very much appreciated. 

Please click on this link to donate. THANK YOU!

Cancion Mixteca





SUNDAY 6:00 - 8:00


(505) 982-3433

  • MACORINA4:08

Nacha's music is an expression of her curiosity, her varied experience and restless passion for living. It refuses to fit neatly into any one genre, fearlessly drawing on a wide range of influences to expand the definition of Latin music. Yet filtered through her powerful voice, these various threads come together in a single unified expression.